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Your initial estate planning consultation is free of charge. Most of our new clients prefer house-call appointments: have an attorney give you complete answers to your questions in the comfort and privacy of your home. When you meet with us, we will review any old paperwork you want looked at, and assist you with understanding what property you own, how it will pass to your heirs, and configuring a detailed, highly customized plan for your personal and financial affairs.


We do not sell annuities, life insurance, or investments of any kind. Your complimentary consultation will only be about your wishes for legally protecting yourself and your family--not a sales pitch for fanciful investment returns.


Experience the peace of mind, security, and lasting quality of having your estate plan written specifically for you, by a firm focused only on the legal expression of what you want to happen to your estate and your health care: we don't deal with EZ-Bankruptcy filings, Speed-E-Paralawyer forms, personal injury lawsuits, or divorce; only the protection of your assets and medical decisions. Get it done fully, get it done right, and get it done just for you: call us today.