Significant risks often accompany significant success. If you're searching for a way to achieve financial security out of reach of the fickle habits of domestic courts, then alternate jurisdictions can offer you peerless protection. The properly coordinated offshore planning suite and Talawah Flex-Trust© can protect your ability to do business regardless of the fluctuations of local markets, while at the same time giving you the same stability, flexibility, and complete control you would demand from your financial partners at home.



If you're looking for protection strong enough to weather domestic storms, contact us to discuss how to begin moving forward.





Even if your children are responsible and trouble-free...



...and even if your siblings, friends, or grandkids are fiscally secure and dependable, everyone they meet over the courses of their lives may not be so. Even a small inheritance lost to divorce is a regrettable waste--and a completely avoidable one. If you want to protect your heirs from losing your legacy, a properly-designed estate plan can grant lifelong protection--but only if you have it in place before it's too late.






Many new businesses each year find that they don't need a lawyer to fill out a few forms and create a Limited Liability Company or a Corporation. If you're starting a professional practice, though, or operating in any field where liability issues could be a concern, you need to know how to make a business entity work to protect you. A minor flaw in your administrative procedures can cause your business to be disregarded years later, "piercing the corporate veil" and exposing you to complete personal liability.


If you're going into business with anyone else--partnering with another orthodontist or physician, or sharing an investment risk with a friend--the ground rules (or absence thereof) that you lay out in your first day of business will govern any disputes you have with each other or each other's creditors, spouses, or children, years down the line.


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